Tara Brading

Tara Brading

Is there a Celtic Moon Goddess?

As someone who's devoted to the Irish traditions, I’m sometimes asked: “Is there a Celtic Moon Goddess?” While there is no singular "Celtic" goddess of the moon, here are my personal insights & reflections on four Irish goddesses who hold powerful lunar wisdom.

Awaken Your Ancestral Medicine

Over the past few months, I’ve been on a deep initiatory journey that’s brought forth a tremendous amount of personal and ancestral healing in my life. Along this journey, I’ve been reminded that we each hold ancestral medicine inside of us, and that the greatest medicine is found where personal & ancestral healing meet.

Newgrange & Winter Solstice

As we approach the Winter Solstice, I wanted to share some wisdom about Sí an Bhrú (Newgrange) in Ireland, an incredible 5,200 year old sacred monument that aligns with the solstice sunrise. Womb-like in nature, this burial mound is steeped in archeological, astronomical, and mythological wisdom that provides a window into the ancient past.