In this 22-minute bonus video, I talk about:

  • Who the Celts were in history
  • Celtic paganism & the Celtic Nations
  • Why “Celtic” is both a helpful and unhelpful term, and why it’s important to be more specific.
  • Last but not least, I’ll talk about being in right-relationship with these traditions, especially if you’re coming to these traditions from outside of the culture.

If you'd like to take a deeper dive into the Irish wisdom traditions...

The Roundhouse


A journey into nature-based feminine wisdom from the Irish traditions to remember your innate feminine magic. Includes Celtic & pre-Celtic mystery teachings, guided ceremonies, sacred sound journeys, self-led ritual homework and an intimate sisterhood community.

Celtic Feminine Wisdom


Connect with the Celtic Feminine Traditions & Awaken your Inner Wise Woman. In this mini course you will walk the ancient pathways of the Wise Woman through story, ritual & song as you learn about the ancestral wisdom of the Celtic Isles.