Honoring Bealtaine: Create your own Smoke Bundle

An invitation to create your own smoke bundle and enact your own purification & sovereignty ritual, inspired by the Irish traditions.


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Honoring Bealtaine: Create your own Smoke Bundle

An invitation to create your own smoke bundle and enact your own purification & sovereignty ritual, inspired by the Irish traditions.

Bealtaine is approaching, and I’m excited to gift you this little ritual invitation to weave into your spiritual practice this weekend.

The invitation is to create your own smoke bundle and enact your own purification and sovereignty ritual to cleanse, protect and bless yourself and your space, inspired by Ireland’s ancient Bealtaine traditions.

I’ve also provided an invocation for you to use in the ritual as a way of calling in your personal sovereignty and releasing what no longer serves you. Enjoy!


P.S.  To learn more about Bealtaine, be sure to read my blog about Celebrating the Ancient Festival of Bealtaine.

Create your own Smoke Bundle

Like so many cultures around the world, smoke rituals were used in ancient Ireland for cleansing and purification – a custom that’s especially connected to Bealtaine in the Irish tradition.

The specifics around these rituals are somewhat of a mystery, but it may have been called glanad (said ‘glawh-nah’) in Old Irish. Here’s a very interesting video with some ideas about this topic if you’re interested in diving deeper.

What’s important to note here is that this practice is similar but different to saining (Scottish) or smudging (Native American). And even though the details of these rituals have largely been lost, we can create our own rituals inspired by this ancient custom by burning purifying herbs that are native to Ireland with deep intention.


  • Vervain
  • Mugwort
  • Heather
  • Broom
  • Pine
  • Juniper
  • Thyme
smoke bundle

In honor of Bealtaine, you are warmly invited to make your own smoke bundle with any or all of these herbs. You may also wish to include lavender, one of my personal favorites.

Once you’ve made your smoke bundle, you can use it to use it to cleanse, protect and bless yourself and your space. This simple purification ritual is a way to sweep away the energies of winter, and welcome in the energies of summer. It’s also an opportunity to release what no longer serves you and connect with your personal sovereignty.

For me, personal sovereignty is about standing unapologetically in our power, knowing our value and worth, having authority and autonomy over self, and feeling rooted in our true essence and our sacred place upon the Earth.

This time of year is very connected to the Sovereignty Goddesses of Ireland, especially Ériu, Banba and Fodhla. You can call upon their energies to help invoke a sense of personal sovereignty within yourself and your life, while using the purification ritual to release what no longer serves you.

I’ve created a sovereignty invocation, which you might like to speak aloud as you’re doing your purification ritual…

Sovereignty Invocation

I stand in the deep well of my creative, feminine power
I am rooted into the Land, woven into her sacred currents
I hold the vessel of Life in my womb
I flow like the waters of underground rivers
I descend into mysteries unveiled and unspoken
And surrender to the wisdom of my wild, animal body.

I unshackle myself from limiting beliefs and false illusions
I walk with purpose, breaking generational curses
I bring forth visions that liberate Truth
I speak with the power of the women gone before me
I breathe with the knowledge of the trees
And sing with all creation.

Ériu, Banba, Fodhla,
Hear my prayer.

I am Sovereign

Whole and holy
A clarion call
A reckoning
A beacon
Now and always.

Beannachtaí (blessings!)

Make sure to thank the spirit of the plants you have used in your smoke bundle when you’re finished.

I would love to hear about your experience with this ritual, and your personal reflections about what sovereignty means to you.

Beannachtaí Bealtaine!


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